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Ongoing | 2022

21000 sqft 

Arris was commissioned to design a Neo-classical mansion for a multi generational family outside of Delhi. The client’s brief was for a large mansion reminiscent of summers spent in the English countryside. A strong frontage, inviting awe among all viewers was a second ask. The design utilises traditional large windows with Georgian bars, a central portico with a classical pediment and pilasters to harken back to the clients’ desired aesthetic.

The interior layouts focuses around a large central lobby which helps create a sense of grandeur for his myriad business contacts. Plush, elegant public spaces are offset by warm comfortable private spaces, both blended by the double height atrium. A large central staircase leads from the atrium to the upper floors, while providing stunning views of the pool deck located at the rear of the site.

The material palette has been chosen keeping in mind the timelessness of the desired aesthetic. Classical marble, blended with natural stones and accented by warm metallic tones make the most of the grand interior volumes.

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