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Ongoing | 2023

18,000 sqft


We’ve been working with Sarthak Education Trust, a Non-profit organization, working to educate and skill people with disabilities, to build their Global Resource Centre in Gurugram. For this project, we have deep-dived into what makes spaces truly accessible for people with all levels of physical mobility, visual and auditory acuity, age groups, and a variety of other challenges.

The focus has been on universal accessibility at every scale- Micro or Macro.

Our process began by orienting the building wings to optimize circulation, designing classrooms to be visually and acoustically sensitive and incorporating appropriate ergonomics into every nook and corner of the building. Passive design principles have been incorporated by laying the floorplate in accordance with climatic orientation principles. The site level treatments have been designed around making the building easy to identify, and access.

The interior design scheme has been focused on creating optimum visual contrast between surfaces, making the space easy to navigate. Natural wayfinding through lighting design and corridor design techniques make the building intuitive to use. Tactile flooring has been integrated in the material palette to add to the ease of access concept. The classrooms and therapy spaces have been designed to be flexible and adaptable to multiple functions, and to future needs of the building and its occupants.

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