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Ongoing | 2023

We are collaborating with a Senior Secondary School in Delhi to develop a vision of delivering quality education in a state of the art facility which provides a variety of spatial experience. 

Creating a design which revolves around the students and caters to their needs and habits, we are focused on creating spaces for learning, tinkering and growing. Not limiting the design thinking to academics, but holistic development of the young minds was the driver behind designing built as well as
unbuilt spaces. With these ideas in mind we are planning the expansion in a way that the building works as a learning aid to students. 
With flexibility in classroom layouts to the provision of open air class rooms, we have created a variety of spaces that would make school a more inviting and comfortable space for the budding minds.

Our intervention seeks to make the building more passively resilient, with the integration of facade design strategies that promote natural cooling and ventilation, while also creating a built form that integrates easily at the human scale. We’re created opportunities that allow students to take ownership of
their space, by including them in the final look of the building by means of facade panes meant to host student work, and be modified through the year to represent different school activities.

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