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the 4 founders of Arris


Arris is the intersection of divergent architectural details. This idea defines what we aim to be as a design practice.

Arris Atelier is a crucible of exploratory ideas about space and design. The studio seeks to operate at the intersection of traditionally defined disciplines and use research as a tool to create works that span across the length and breadth of the design realm.

The team is closely linked with multiple industry bodies and educational institutions. This constant engagement and mentorship serves as the backbone for our design thinking and innovation


The People Who Make it Happen

Ankur Yadav


Meet Ankur, a driven and detail-oriented architect with a passion for crafting spaces that reflect the modern way of life. A graduate of the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, Ankur brings over 10 years of experience to the table, honed through diverse projects across the National Capital and beyond. From real estate developers to retail giants, Ankur has collaborated with a wide range of clients, leaving his mark on residential havens, towering condominiums, vibrant retail spaces, and even bustling multiplexes. His keen eye for detail ensures every element, from the grand architectural vision to the meticulously chosen furniture, comes together seamlessly. Ankur's design philosophy is rooted in "unravelling different modernities," acknowledging how we live and interact with our surroundings in the present day. This translates into spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and adaptable to evolving needs. Furniture, for him, is not just an afterthought but an integral part of the storytelling, enhancing the overall experience. Whether you envision a cozy home that reflects your personality, a retail space that ignites customer engagement, or anything in between, Ankur's expertise and collaborative spirit are sure to bring your vision to life.

Anuj khandelwal portrait


Meet Anuj: Your Space-Crafting Partner with a User-Centric Heart Anuj, a graduate of the renowned SPA Delhi, isn't just an architect at Arris Atelier, he's a partner in transforming spaces. For 7 years, he's honed his craft, bringing user needs and habits to the forefront of every design. His passion extends beyond the drawing board, having nurtured young architects at Sushant School of Art and Architecture for 3 years. Imagine: A home that whispers "you" at every turn, designed around your life, not just trends. Retail spaces that ignite customer journeys, crafted to foster engagement and conversion. Micro-budget makeovers or tiny houses that maximize functionality, exceeding expectations without compromising style. Anuj's magic lies in understanding your needs. His meticulous site involvement ensures every project, from residential havens to vibrant retail spaces, bustling institutions, and even cozy F&B havens, reflects your unique vision. But his expertise goes beyond aesthetics. He leverages his research in low-cost housing and deep knowledge of materials to deliver sustainable, budget-friendly solutions, ensuring every project is not just beautiful but also functional and responsible.

Artika portrait


Imagine spaces that empower humans, not just house them. Meet Artika, Partner at Arris Atelier. Artika isn't just an architect and urban designer, she's a placemaker, weaving human-centricity into every project. Inspired by her studies at SPA Delhi and University of Nottingham, her design philosophy is simple: do more with less, but never compromise on impact. Whether it's masterplans that breathe life into communities, healthcare facilities that heal, or educational spaces that inspire young minds, Artika's passion lies in understanding how people move, interact, and thrive within a space. Her experience is vast, encompassing projects of diverse scales and contexts. From collaborating with small boutique firms to large developers and multinational corporations, she brings a wealth of knowledge to every challenge. Her expertise spans masterplanning, healthcare, housing, institutions, and educational projects. And her dedication extends beyond her practice. As a Visiting Faculty at SPA Delhi, Artika nurtures the next generation of design thinkers, ensuring impactful design continues to flourish.

Varun portrait


Meet Varun, the Architect Who Crafts Tranquil Spaces: Varun isn't just a partner at Arris Atelier, he's a maestro of calm and simplicity, weaving serenity into every design. A postgraduate from the esteemed School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, his experience spans diverse roles: senior architect, research associate, and developer architect. Imagine: Educational havens that foster focus and learning. Healthcare spaces that radiate healing and comfort. Homes that whisper tranquility, a sanctuary from daily chaos. Varun's mantra? "God is in the detail," and his meticulous attention translates into high-performing spaces. He optimizes for: Human interaction: Creating spaces that connect people naturally. Natural light and nature: Bringing the outdoors in for well-being. Thermal comfort and ventilation: Ensuring spaces breathe and adapt. Maximum efficiency: Achieving desired function without excess. With over 10 years of expertise in architecture, interior design, project management, and advisory, Varun has mastered educational, healthcare, commercial, and housing projects. He's not just a builder, he's an educator, currently a visiting faculty at SPA, Delhi, nurturing future design minds.


We have delivered over 2.5million sq.ft of successful designed space, with multiple repeat client engagements


We believe in creating experimental, bespoke solutions that defy trends. Our work builds on our collective research to constantly aim outside the box


Our work spans across all categories of design and construction projects, without being limited to a house style. Every solution is uniquely designed keeping the client in mind

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