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Sensitive office redesign for an Education Non-profit focusing on spatial revitalisation

Revitalizing Education: A Sustainable & Brand-Focused Space

Arris Atelier transformed a non-profit education organization's rented space, fostering a vibrant and brand-aligned environment that prioritizes functionality and sustainability.

Spatial Revitalization: Existing furniture was refinished and upcycled, minimizing waste. Tables were integrated with whiteboards for collaborative brainstorming sessions. Modular storage solutions were implemented, including open shelves for easy access to books and stationery, and shuttered cabinets for archives, finished in the organization's brand colors with logo-shaped handles for instant brand recognition.

Light for Every Need: A three-layered lighting approach was implemented:

  • Natural Light Maximization: Fenestration was redesigned to bathe the space in ample natural light.

  • Task Lighting: Strategically placed ceiling fixtures provided task lighting for focused work.

  • Focus Lighting: Adjustable spotlights mounted on ceilings and walls offered additional illumination as needed.

A Space for Every Function: The existing layout was reconfigured to create distinct zones:

  • Dedicated work areas

  • Collaborative discussion spaces

  • Relaxation lounges

  • Information sharing areas

Existing bookshelves were repurposed as low-height partitions, defining areas while maintaining a sense of openness. Furniture was strategically reoriented for optimal use, and all new furniture selections were designed to be mobile for future flexibility.

A Celebration of Achievement: Mesh display boards were incorporated, allowing the team to showcase achievements and share information, fostering a sense of community and accomplishment.

This project exemplifies Arris Atelier's commitment to sustainable design solutions and creating inspiring spaces that empower non-profit organizations.

Project Area





Hauz Khas, Delhi

900 sqft

Design and Execution

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