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The Polished Project

Utensil & Crockery Emporium: A Curated Shopping Experience

Challenge: Design a retail space for 14,000 SKUs of utensils and crockery without overwhelming customers.

Solution: Arris Atelier created a navigable haven for culinary enthusiasts.

Maximized Display, Minimized Chaos: Modular stacked shelving offered ample display space, while strategic focus lighting ensured each product was seen in its best light.  Clear signage guided customers, encouraging exploration throughout the store.

A Canvas for the Merchandise:  A neutral color palette allowed the vibrant cookware and tableware to take center stage. Warm wood and metal finishes created a natural aesthetic, while minimal ceiling details enhanced the feeling of spaciousness.

Key Features:

  • Modular Display: Efficient shelving maximized product visibility and facilitated easy browsing.

  • Strategic Lighting: Focused lighting highlighted each item, ensuring informed purchasing decisions.

  • Intuitive Signage: Clear signage aided navigation and encouraged exploration of the entire space.

  • Neutral Palette: A minimalist color scheme allowed the merchandise to be the star of the show.

  • Natural Materials: Warm wood and metal finishes created a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

  • Open Ceiling Design: A minimally detailed ceiling maximized perceived space.

This project demonstrates Arris Atelier's expertise in creating functional and visually appealing retail environments.

Project Area





Delhi, India

8000 sqft

Design Consultancy

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