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The Vintage Orchard

Design for a wedding themed resort on the outskirts of Alwar

This Alwar resort design capitalizes on a unique feature: a mature orchard at the entrance. We strategically integrated the trees, fostering a sense of discovery as guests approach the central building, silhouetted against the horizon. This creates a sense of arrival and invites exploration. The recessed entryway further enhances this concept while offering ample space for large wedding parties, a common occurrence in North India.

Sustainable Design and Inward Focus

The inward-looking floor plan prioritizes self-shading through form derivation, and use of lattices, a crucial consideration in the region’s hot climate. This design also maximizes connections to landscaped courtyards and terraces, ideal spaces for hosting wedding festivities.

Strategic Event Spaces and Service Integration

The large events lawn occupies the site’s northern corner, conveniently serviced by the adjacent road and banquet hall. A dedicated service corridor, positioned along the tree line, ensures efficient operations while remaining visually unobtrusive.

Re-imagining the Orchard: A Destination in Itself

We envision the orchard as an integral part of the resort experience. We propose the creation of nature-inspired pavilions, curated walking paths, and F&B (Food and Beverage) spaces. These elements not only enhance the guest experience but also capitalize on the resort’s proximity to Sariska National Park.

Length of Stay and Overall Experience

Our design strategies prioritize guest satisfaction and extended stays. Careful site planning and area programming ensure a high-quality experience.

Phasing for Growth

The cottages situated near the main block offer a variety of accommodation options. This modular design allows for phased development, facilitating future expansion as the resort establishes itself.

Project Area





Alwar, Rajasthan

27000 sqft BUA


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