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DCC Hospital

Interior design for a Veterinary hospital in Gurugram

Building on the success of our previous project for a Japanese client, Arris Atelier presents the design for DCC Veterinary Hospital. This facility embodies a unique blend of Indo-Japanese design principles, catering to both the working style and the comfort of its furry patients.

Key Design Considerations:

  • Indo-Japanese Fusion: The space plan reflects a collaborative approach, merging Japanese efficiency with Indian adaptability.

  • Optimizing Efficiency:  Negotiating tight timelines and budgets ensured maximum return on investment (ROI) for the client.

  • Natural Light Haven:  Extensive use of natural light fosters a calming environment for animals and a bright, welcoming experience for visitors.

  • Sustainable Construction:  The design incorporates a blend of vernacular and modern construction techniques, prioritizing resourcefulness and environmental responsibility.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology:  Integration of advanced MEP systems ensures optimal functionality and patient care.

A Comforting & Functional Environment:

  • Cool Neutral Palette:  The carefully chosen color scheme minimizes stress for animals while remaining visually appealing to humans.

  • Thoughtful Lighting Design:  A strategic lighting arrangement provides ample illumination for humans while maintaining a serene ambiance for pets.

This project showcases Arris Atelier's ability to create innovative and culturally sensitive healthcare environments that prioritize both animal well-being and operational efficiency.



Project Area



4500 sqft

Gurugram, Haryana

Design Consultancy

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