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Architecture and Design School

This School of Architecture & Design in Dwarka fosters an environment that ignites creative thought and exploration. The design draws inspiration from extensive research on architectural pedagogy and studio culture.

Spatial Organization:

  • Studio Clusters: The heart of the school revolves around studio spaces strategically clustered around shared exhibition areas, encouraging collaboration and exchange of ideas.

  • Centralized Knowledge Hub: The thoughtfully designed library, serving as the "thought centre," is positioned at the core of the campus, providing easy access and fostering intellectual exchange.

  • Design Street: Departments are situated along a vibrant "design street," a dedicated space for exploration and interaction, culminating in a multi-functional Auditorium and Amphitheatre at the far end.

Learning Beyond the Classroom:

The entire campus is designed to inspire students. Every space is meticulously crafted to act as a catalyst for creative thinking, transforming the campus itself into a source of inspiration and a living design laboratory.


Project Area




Dwarka, Delhi

32000 sqft


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