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Greenfields School

Fostering Growth through Retrofitting Design

This project reimagines school expansion as a catalyst for student growth. We move beyond traditional classrooms, creating a dynamic learning environment that caters to students' academic, social, and personal development.

Key Features:

  • Student-Centric Design:  Flexible learning spaces allow for diverse teaching styles and activities. Open-air classrooms provide a connection to nature and a refreshing learning experience.

  • Holistic Learning: The design fosters more than just academics, with dedicated areas for tinkering, collaboration, and creativity.

  • Building as Learning Tool: The architecture itself becomes an educational resource, integrating facade elements that showcase student work and reflect ongoing school activities.

  • Student Ownership: Opportunities are provided for students to personalize their surroundings and contribute to the final aesthetics of the building.

  • Passive Design Strategies: The expansion prioritizes energy-efficiency through natural ventilation and cooling techniques, creating a comfortable and environmentally friendly space.

Sensitive Integration:

This expansion will be seamlessly integrated into the existing school facility. We understand the importance of maintaining a functional learning environment during construction. Rigorous project scheduling adheres to the academic calendar, and secure construction zones will minimize disruption.

Meeting Client Needs:

This project fulfills the client's vision for a high-quality, dynamic learning space. We prioritize student needs and well-being, moving beyond "boring classrooms" to create a stimulating and engaging environment for young minds.


Project Area




Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi

23000 sqft

Comprehensive Design Consultancy

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