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National War Museum

National War Museum: A Song of War, Sung by the Martyr's Soul

Arris Atelier's design proposal for the National War Museum transcends the typical museum experience, creating a powerful tribute that honors sacrifice, acknowledges the human cost of war, and fosters a lasting emotional connection for visitors.

A Multi-Layered Narrative:

The concept, titled "A Song of War, Sung by the Martyr's Soul," is a physical manifestation of the complex emotions surrounding war.  The design operates on three distinct but interconnected levels:

  • Grand Exterior:  Inspired by the architectural vocabulary of Edwin Lutyens, the museum's exterior evokes a sense of grandeur, symbolizing the courage and heroism of our soldiers.

  • Fractured Interstitial Spaces:  As visitors delve deeper, they encounter a more fragmented built form.  This deliberate "breaking" of the building represents the anguish and disruption caused by war.

  • User Experience:  Ultimately, the design prioritizes a moving and memorable journey for visitors.  The spatial arrangement and curated exhibits evoke a range of emotions, fostering reflection and understanding.

A Space for Remembrance and Learning:

This project exemplifies our ability to create architecture that is not just functional but also deeply evocative.  The National War Museum design serves as a space for remembrance, education, and a call for peace


Project Area




India Gate, Delhi



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