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Research and Training Centre

Research & Training Centre, Dwarka: Fostering a Healthy Democracy

Arris Atelier's design for the Research and Training Centre in Dwarka goes beyond a traditional institutional building. This project envisions a dynamic hub for learning, research, and training, dedicated to strengthening participatory democracy and election management practices.

A Model for a Healthier Community:

The design prioritizes not just functionality, but also the creation of a healthy and vibrant environment. This commitment is reflected in several key strategies:

  • Climate-Responsive Design:  The building responds intelligently to the local climate, minimizing energy consumption and ensuring occupant comfort.

  • Energy Efficiency:  Sustainable practices are integrated throughout the design, promoting resource conservation.

  • Environmentally Responsible:  The project prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques.

  • Expressive Architecture:  The building's design is not merely functional but also visually engaging, fostering a sense of community pride.

A Center for Learning and Growth:

The proposed layout facilitates a range of activities, including research, training sessions, and public events. The use of natural light and open spaces creates an inspiring and collaborative environment.

Leading the Way:

We aim for this project to become a role model for future institutional development. By prioritizing sustainability, community well-being, and a user-centric approach, this design sets a new standard for excellence


Project Area




Dwarka, Delhi

25000 sqft


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