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Sarthak Global Resource Centre

Sarthak Global Resource Centre - Building Inclusive Empowerment

The Global Resource Centre (GRC) bridges the gap between a growing urban centre and its semi-urban neighbour. This innovative building fosters the empowerment of people with disabilities (PwDs) through a comprehensive, seven-point approach:

  1. Spatial Accessibility: Seamless circulation throughout the building with strategically oriented wings.

  2. Visual & Auditory Comfort: Classrooms designed for optimal acoustics and visual clarity.

  3. Universal Ergonomics: User-friendly design principles integrated into every space.

  4. Effortless Navigation: Equitable access with minimal physical exertion required.

  5. Sustainable Design: Climate-conscious features like passive cooling and a solar-powered shading structure.

  6. Prioritized Safety & Hygiene: Building practices prioritizing safety and easy maintenance.

  7. Intuitive Wayfinding: Natural navigation aided by lighting design and clear corridors.

Key Highlights:

  • Universal Accessibility: The GRC prioritizes accessibility at every scale, from overall layout to individual classrooms.

  • Multi-Functional Spaces: Flexible design allows classrooms and therapy rooms to adapt to various uses and future needs.

  • Sustainable Practices: The building incorporates energy-efficient features like a solar roof and passive design principles.

  • Promoting Awareness: The high-visibility structure serves as a beacon for sustainable and accessible design.

Overall Impact:

The GRC aims to create a seamless and accessible environment that empowers PwDs, raises public awareness, and fosters a more inclusive society.


Project Area




Gurugram, Haryana

18000 sqft

Comprehensive Design Consultancy

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