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Moroccan Oasis

Strategic landscaping intervention for a Tranquil Villa

Concept: This landscaping intervention for a private villa in Gurugram sought to create a tranquil and inviting space that reflected the client's love for Morocco. The design emerged in response to the pandemic's emphasis on creating a delightful and restful home environment.

Client Vision: The client envisioned incorporating elements reminiscent of their travels to Morocco into their garden and terrace. They desired a space that would be equally welcoming for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Design Approach: Our design strategy centered on establishing focal points using planters, water features, and a meticulous selection of materials. The surrounding space was meticulously detailed to achieve visual harmony. Natural textures and abundant greenery were employed to enhance the space's overall appeal.



Project Area



Gurugram, Haryana

1200 sqft

Design and Execution

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